Map Intelligence ExtensibilityWe are always very responsive to our customers' requests for functionality.  The ongoing evolution of Map Intelligence mandates close attention to your evolving Location Intelligence (LI) requirements.

The Map Intelligence architecture enables new functionality to be added outside of the formal product release cycle.

Integeo is committed to a significant investment in open source mapping and conformance to appropriate OGC standards that will improve and enhance the benefits for customers. 

Conformance with the OGC WMS standard facilitates MI leveraging a customers' existing investments in GIS applications.

The MING RESTful API is an example of an evolving part of Map Intelligence that opens up the user interface for customisation.

During installation of new versions and upgrades of Map Intelligence there are options for selecting which changes to the current environment are appropriate to be copied across.  When BI reports are configured to work with Map Intelligence in the spatial environment there are various ways the configuration can be subject to change management depending on the BI tool in question.  In the majority of cases the BI configurations are saved as 'property files' in a server-based installation and the directory can be copied as appropriate across environments.


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