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For non-trivial location requirements Map Intelligence is the choice of Cognos champions with its unconstrained ability to utilise any mapping engine (Esri, MapInfo (Pitney Bowes), open source, Google Maps, Bing or Mapbox) and its comprehensive out of the box suite of easy to configure data visualisations.

Stop Press - Cognos 10 customers using Esri's deprecated connector to ArcGIS Server (EM4C) who require a fully supported solution for Cognos 11.x integrated with ArcGIS v10.5.x can review demos of this product combination here or for further information read our Information sheet.

Ref: Presentation to IBM Cloud University October 2017 by Rick Blackwell IBM Senior Product Manager (page 20 Integeo contact links). 

Since 2006 when Integeo became a Cognos Silver Technology Partner we have offered Map Intelligence for Cognos versions 7, 8, Cognos Express, 10 and now 11 (currently Cognos Analytics V11R7).

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  • MI enhances the analytic capabilities of Cognos Business Intelligence (version 11) and Cognos Express with a fully integrated and easy to use suite of location analytic capabilities.

  • MI is scalable and fully supports the Cognos security and framework manager models.

  • MI is the only comprehensive mapping solution available for Cognos Express.

  • MI is quick and easy to install and you can be confident about enhancing your solutions over time to meet your evolving requirements.

  • MI is the answer to leveraging existing investments in mapping.





Slideshow: Click image to view a larger version.

 Slideshow: Click image to view a larger version.

The screenshots in the slideshow above are available for download as a PDF:
MI Cognos Census WMS Screenshots

Cognos Express

Integeo is the only comprehensive mapping solution available for Cognos Express customers.


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Map Intelligence is integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS Server , Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum Spatial and GeoServer. Map Intelligence uses OGC formats to link with any OGC compliant map server such as Pitney Bowes' Spectrum Spatial or GE's SmallWorld. Google Earth can be used for powerful 3D visualizations and Google Maps as a web-service to display images and data sourced from Google.  Bing Maps, Mapbox or Open Street Maps can be used as tiled map services.

In all BI environments Map Intelligence comes with functions such as ‘on the fly’ geo-coding of address data, reverse geo-code lookups, OGC features such as WMS GetFeature and WFS requests using the underlying OGC compliant server, and the ability to utilize custom web-services such as Drive Time analysis. For more detail on Map Intelligence functions see the MI Details section of the website.

For demos of Map Intelligence see the online demonstrations section of this website.

Please contact us at  to discuss your location analysis requirements or directly contact one of our regional offices.


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