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Our range of products complement Qlik’s vision of applying easy, elegant and intuitive analytic power on complex data. Revealing difficult to see data relationships, patterns and outliers is the strength of location analytics. Since 2004 Integeo’s Map Intelligence has been recognised as an exemplar of how to successfully integrate the location dimension into Business Intelligence.

With Qlik we’ve achieved a beautiful product meeting all the criteria for simplicity and ease of use without compromising powerful location analytics and visualisation functionality. Just some of the features of Map Intelligence are:


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Some of the features of Map Intelligence:

  • Theming data points, lines and areas according to specified data attribute values
  • Displaying territories, polygons, heat maps, density, clusters, spider plots and more
  • Concurrent display of multiple data overlays on the map
  • Selecting data by lassoing points, lines and polygons on the map
  • Use your own customised regions/ territories/ areas
  • Overlaying data from any 3rd party public WMS server (e.g. weather, crime, demographics, etc.)
  • Creating drive-time polygons on your maps
  • Generating a KML representation of your current view for (say) viewing on Google Earth
  • Touchscreen enabled provides mobile users the same features as desktop users.


With Map Intelligence you have the flexibility to utilise technology from the leading GIS vendors or our bundled mapping server option. Experience the freedom of choosing background maps from popular providers such as Bing, Esri, Google or Mapbox as well as using your own custom base maps and tiled data layers. There is no need to extract and manage SHP or TAB files in another format or location. Map Intelligence supports your map layers being stored in a spatial database.



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Map Intelligence is integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS Server , Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum Spatial and GeoServer. Map Intelligence uses OGC formats to link with any OGC compliant map server such as Pitney Bowes' Spectrum Spatial or GE's SmallWorld. Google Earth can be used for powerful 3D visualizations and Google Maps as a web-service to display images and data sourced from Google.  Bing Maps, Mapbox or Open Street Maps can be used as tiled map services.

In all BI environments Map Intelligence comes with functions such as ‘on the fly’ geo-coding of address data, reverse geo-code lookups, OGC features such as WMS GetFeature and WFS requests using the underlying OGC compliant server, and the ability to utilize custom web-services such as Drive Time analysis. For more detail on Map Intelligence functions see the MI Details section of the website.

For demos of Map Intelligence see the online demonstrations section of this website.

Please contact us at info@integeo.com  to discuss your location analysis requirements or directly contact one of our regional offices.


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