For perpetual use by any number of users Map Intelligence can be licensed according to the CPU power of the server hosting the MI Server software.

Alternatively Map Intelligence can be purchased as a bundle of user licenses.

Fixed term licensing of both CPU and user bundles is also available.

One Map Intelligence Server can simultaneously handle many different MI Clients each operating in different BI environments.

The minimum CPU purchase is one MI Server.

MI Clients are purchased separately at any time.

Annual Support and Maintenance is available for Map Intelligence licenses.

The Map Intelligence architecture and licensing does not distinguish between either the location of the deployed machinery or the location of the end-users.

The licensee of Map Intelligence must be the entity deriving benefit from the use of MI. Special terms must be negotiated with Integeo if MI is to be used as a consulting tool by the MI license owner for the benefit of the customers of the MI licensee.

Please call or email us for more information or contact one of our regional offices.

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