Map Intelligence on frontline of US Army recruiting effort


"Users enjoying the benefits of interactive map-based analysis now extend all the way to the battalion level, to ranks such as Command Sergeant Major and Lieutenant Colonel."

Rod Lunger, GAMATT Program Leader, US Army, Recruiting Command


us army Challenge

When the United States Army Recruiting Command and Army National Guard Recruiting wanted to track the progress of inducting recruits from first contact through basic training, based on their location, they turned to Map Intelligence.


The platform used to build US Army Accessions Command’s Graphical Accessions Mapping Analysis Tool (GAMAT), Map Intelligence has has been rolled out to more than 2,000 US Army and National Guard recruiting offices across the USA. 


Map Intelligence empowers an Australian police force with new crime-fighting tools, by putting spatial visualizations of complex data within the reach of non-technical police officers.


"Users simply click on an icon to visualize the data in a geographical context straight away. That simplicity is what makes the difference."

John Weippert, Director of ICT, Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services




- Analysis of criminal activity

- Limited in house spatial (GIS) programming skills

- Geographically dispersed community


- Instantaneous access to geospatial analysis to assist critical decisions and underpin crime prevention strategies

- Leverages investment in existing Hyperion Business Intelligence system and MapInfo GIS

- Robust production ready systems are built in hours

- Reduced need for dedicated GIS skills and elimination of much hand coding. 


Melbourne Health shows new approach to waiting list management


"Map Intelligence can deliver the multidimensional view hospital decision makers need to reduce time and cost of treatments and ensure that patient care is prioritized correctly."

Dr Christopher Bain, Information Srvcs Manager, Melbourne Health


melbhealthThe Royal Melbourne Hospital has used geospatial business intelligence platform Map Intelligence in a ground-breaking trial to help identify ways to better manage demand for emergency and elective services.

Melbourne Health, which operates the 340-bed RMH City Campus based in Parkville, is continually trying to optimize the allocation of resources to areas where they are most needed.



Map Intelligence to meet the challenges of tracking and reporting on fisheries activity in Commonwealth waters


“We can now enjoy a return on our investment in this resource we couldn’t have imagined before.”

John Garvey, Senior Data Analyst, AFMA




- Fisheries managers depend on specialists in AFMA's geospatial and business intelligence unit to create static map-based screenshots.

MI Solution

- Enables easy transition between spatial, graphical, and tabular representation.

- Enables filters to be changed in any of these representations.

- Provides the ability to export information as an Excel spreadsheet.


Map enabled dashboards play pivotal role in the decision making process



Reporting on the AGPT program delivery, to GPET staff, RTPs and the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (DHA) was previously achieved through a number of static reports and maps. Data requirements that could not be serviced using the standard set of reports could only be met by the creation of ad-hoc reports by specialist staff within GPET.

Innovative System makes full-scale intelligent geographic business application available via desk top browser


"FaCs staff in the NSW Office who manage the Outside School Hours Care program ... can now identify areas of need and make faster strategic decisions, thanks to Map Intelligence."

Virginia Ryan, FaCS Director,Research and Data Management


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