Map IntelligenceIntegeo’s Map Intelligence merges the location dimension into enterprise decision support and Business Intelligence applications. Map Intelligence is a fast, highly configurable and efficient platform for delivering customised, map-enabled business applications involving BI tools and mapping providers and GIS.


Is location as a BI dimension new to you?


Map Intelligence is being used by Government Senators, front desk operations staff, decision makers, business analysts and non-IT report designers.

For those of you using sophisticated Business Intelligence tools, Map Intelligence has a rich arsenal of spatial tools tightly integrated into your familiar BI environment.

Map Intelligence is designed for dynamic use in a web-browser with or without BI integration.


Key Business Benefits of Map Intelligence

  • Map Intelligence will reduce the burden/overload on staff by making things easier to understand.
  • Map Intelligence will reinforce your message by not requiring people to unnecessarily read text and tables.
  • Map Intelligence enables people to immediately see the most important information.


Key Features of Map Intelligence

  • Low cost for high value benefits from 'out of the box' integrated spatial analytics
  • No lock in to any BI / GIS vendor or product combination
  • Works with all major BI and mapping products
  • Mapped data visualizations clarify data relationships, patterns, outliers and trends
  • No programming is required - a fast iterative solution process
  • Toolkit to integrate with custom software applications and mapping products.


Map Intelligence is a platform and not a vertical solution. Business demands continue to outstrip the ability to deliver timely and appropriate solutions. Map Intelligence enables the services provider to focus on the business rather than technology and enables fast turn-around because Map Intelligence facilitates a no-programming, iterative analytic and application development process. This optimizes the time required to develop applications and increases the customers ROI in business intelligence and Map Intelligence.


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